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Between the heinous, unrelenting symptoms and this particular strain’s deadly nature, it is no secret that this flu season was a nightmare. Unfortunately, the risk of illness is not yet over, especially as cases continue to pop up sporadically. However, there are certainly precautions one can take to decrease, if not totally eliminate, their chances of falling victim to the flu.

With that in mind, let us explore the various tactics one could employ to boost their immune system and remain healthy through the remainder of the flu season.

Adapt your diet

Ensuring you are eating well is almost always the first step to avoiding illness, as a number of fruits and vegetables contain natural immune boosters. Throughout the remainder of this flu season, it would be wise of you to incorporate more of the following foods into your daily rotation.


  • Kiwi. When we feel ill, our first instinct is to reach for an orange or a glass of its juice. After all, oranges contain high levels of immune-boosting vitamin C. However, recent studies have shown that kiwis’ vitamin C content actually blows citrus fruits’ out of the water, with a staggering 273 percent of your daily value in each cup.
  • Garlic. This member of the allium family naturally boosts the activity of white blood cells, which are designed to fight off and eliminate pathogens. Furthermore, garlic is known to reduce the severity of flu symptoms.
  • Mushrooms. Due to their high levels of glucans, a type of immune-boosting carbohydrate, mushrooms are valuable weapons in the battle against the flu. Additionally, each mushroom provides different benefits, giving you the ability to tailor your intake to your physical needs.


Increase your exposure to sunlight

We all know that vitamin D is a key component in combating seasonal depression. However, recent studies have proven that vitamin D also plays a strong role in boosting the immune system, as insufficient levels have been linked to an increased rate of infection, cancer, and mortality rate after surgery.

However, one must ensure they enjoy the sunshine safely, utilizing sunscreen and other methods of protecting themselves from exposure to harmful UV rays. Otherwise, other issues — like the threat of deadly skin cancer — may arise.

Get enough rest

While this may seem like an intuitive method of remaining healthy, many Americans still do not get enough sleep every night. Therefore, in order to boost your body’s ability to produce and distribute immune cells, it is imperative you get at least eight hours of sleep every night, and make a greater effort to rest if you do happen to get sick. This means no pushing through the illness to go to work, or running through your other daily tasks. Although this may seem difficult at first, you will not regret going the extra mile to protect and equip your body.