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A solid morning routine is essential to driving strong momentum that carries one through the rest of their day. In spite of how well-known that fact is, it seems as though many of us still get caught up in menial tasks or side-tracked by our technology, thus resulting in a struggle to get out the door on time every morning.

However, it is not difficult to formulate a plan that allows you not only to start your day off on the right foot, but to truly enjoy your mornings as well. With that in mind, let us outline some steps you can take to improve — and maintain — your morning routine.

Prepare the night before

It is no secret that performing small, otherwise mundane tasks in the morning can add even more stress to the daily time crunch. Perhaps, then, you ought to get in the habit of packing your lunches, ironing your clothes, or preparing your coffee machine the night before. That way, you may be able to trade your usual mad-dash around the house with a few extra minutes of rest and relaxation in bed.

Eliminate screen time

It is often all too simple to get sucked into the black hole technology offers. One moment, you are scrolling through emails and the next you are halfway through an article you stumbled upon in one of your various social media feeds. As we all know, such a habit can be a massive roadblock, taking away a half-hour or more of your focus at a time.

Therefore, the best way to keep your morning on track is to eliminate, or at least limit, your time spent on your phone, tablet, or other device. By taking this small step, you will not only avoid the usual morning rush, but you will also afford yourself the opportunity to truly enjoy your time before work — rather than being consumed by email- or news-induced stress.

Focus on what is important to you

Have you always wanted to go for an early-morning run, yet feared you would not be able to achieve that goal and make it to work on time? By taking the above steps to streamline your daily routine, you may find yourself with additional time on your hands — or even the motivation to get up earlier and make the most of your day.

With that in mind, it would be wise of you to begin working toward these small victories every day. After all, you would not only reap the physical benefits of activities like exercising, but you would also gain a major morale boost from achieving your goals.

Evidently, a simplified morning routine carries countless advantages and opportunities for growth. Hopefully, the above advice will aid you in making better choices now and over the course of time.